Updated Exam Policies During COVID-19 for May/July 2021(FRM5

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Keeping candidates safe is our top priority
As you plan for the May 2021 Financial Risk Manager(FRM®)and Energy Risk Professional(ERP®)Exams,and July 2021 Financial Risk Manager(FRM®)Exam,we wanted to reiterate that GARP's top priority is the safety of all candidates.During this period of uncertainty,we are taking extra steps to safeguard your health and well-being when taking Exams.
To help ensure the safety of our candidates and staff on exam day we have put additional exam day testing procedures in place.These procedures will be strictly enforced on exam day.
All exam centers will follow local government and health organization requirements.
If a candidate does not maintain a safe social distance as specified at each center,the proctor will give the candidate a warning.After the third warning,an Exam Policy Violation will be completed,and the candidate will promptly be dismissed from the exam room.
Exam centers may require temperature checks upon entrance.They will follow local government and health organization requirements.
If a candidate’s temperature is above the acceptable local government and health organization requirement,they will not be allowed to sit.
All candidates and staff will be required to wear protective masks for the duration of the exam session.Masks are subject to be inspected upon arrival.
Candidates will not be allowed to remove the mask until they have left the test site.Candidates must ensure proper mask etiquette,with the mask fully covering both their nose and mouth.If a candidate refuses to wear their mask,he/she will not be permitted to sit for the Exam,an Exam Policy Violation will be completed,and the candidate will be dismissed from the exam room.
If a candidate does not wear their mask properly or removes their mask during the Exam,including while in the exam room,restroom,or other public areas,the proctor will give the candidate a warning.After the third warning,an Exam Policy Violation will be completed,and the candidate will promptly be dismissed from the exam room.
The World Health Organization(WHO)has stated“Medical gloves are recommended to be worn for two main reasons:1.To reduce the risk of contamination of health-care workers hands with blood and other body fluids.2.To reduce the risk of germ dissemination to the environment and of transmission from the health-care worker to the patient and vice versa,as well as from one patient to another.”
Based on the recommendation from WHO,gloves will not be provided to candidates.If candidates would like to bring and use their own gloves,they may do so.However,the gloves must be transparent and will be inspected by the staff.
Candidates will be allowed to bring their own hand sanitizer with them on exam day.The bottle cannot be more than 2fl oz(59ml).The bottle must be kept UNDER a candidate’s seat during the Exam,preferably in a transparent bag.Should a candidate choose to use the hand sanitizer during the Exam,they must do so outside the exam room.
Lastly,we remind you of the following unchanged procedures that will be strictly enforced:
Candidates will receive a pencil to use during the Exam.No other writing instruments are permitted.
Food and drinks are not allowed in the exam room and must be stored in the personal belonging are.All food and drinks must be consumed outside the exam room.
GARP collects data on candidates and shares it with vendors,in order to administer Exams.Due to COVID-19,GARP may also be asked to share that information with governmental authorities.The information below provides more details on our data policies.It should be read with our current Privacy Notice.
Types of Data:We collect the following personal information from examination candidates:
Contact Information:Name,Address,Telephone Number and Email Address.
Examination Information:Date and Location.
Who We Share Your Information With:We may share this information with administration partners,for exam administration purposes.The information will only be accessible to relevant staff.
In addition,your personal information may be shared with third parties,including local health authorities for contact tracing in response to the risks associated with COVID-19.
Purpose for Processing Your Information:The lawful basis(reason prescribed by law)for processing your personal data for contact tracing is to comply with our legal obligations,and where such disclosure is required by law,rule,or regulation.
How Long the Information Will Be Kept for This Purpose:The information will be held for this purpose for one month from the date of the examination you attended.When your data is no longer needed by Prometric,it will be securely destroyed.
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